Foodie Friday: Chocolate Caramel Bars!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I went over my boyfriend’s house for Christmas Eve, and for the occasion I baked a whole bunch of stuff! This was one of the things I made.


I used a recipe that I found online (you can find it here), basically followed it exactly… I only tweaked one thing: for the shortbread layer, I added a teaspoon of vanilla.

A tip about the chocolate: you can use chocolate chips instead of bars (that’s what I did). If you do, you need a cup to get the 8oz. Also, unless you like it very sweet, you should use bittersweet chocolate. I used semi sweet and it was almost too sweet for me.

These pretty much taste like homemade Twix. Everyone loved them, they would be great for cookie swaps too! Just make sure to keep them as chilled as possible or the chocolate will melt everywhere!