Foodie Friday: Pulled BBQ Chicken!

If you buy rotisserie chickens and never finish them like at my house, this is a recipe for you.


The best part about this? It’s super easy and takes minimal cooking. First take your leftover rotisserie chicken and shred it up, then put it into a small pot or pan over medium heat. Then add whatever BBQ sauce you have and mix until it’s combined and warmed through. I also added a little honey for sweetness.

After that was done, I sauteed some peppers and warmed tortillas in a pan (I like to crisp them a little too). Then just assemble! I also thought that it could use some freshness so I put some fresh parsley right on top.

You can add anything else you want… cheese, salsa, corn, sour cream… anything!

For a super quick weeknight meal, I’d say this is a keeper.