Foodie Friday: Homemade Ring Dings!

Not sure what possessed us to try and make rings dings, but something did…



So, I have to tell you guys… this was pretty much a hot mess. I used my tried and true chocolate cake recipe (you can check it out here), but I should’ve known better. This cake recipe is very fluffy and can fall apart very easily, not the best idea to use this cake. You need a denser cake recipe that will hold up to being cut and filled.

Then on to the filling. When you look at homemade ring ding recipes online, everyone uses a marshmallow frosting. Literally… everyone. But I happen to have a strangely picky boyfriend who refused to make marshmallow frosting. Fine, so we made a butter cream instead. The problem with butter cream is the consistency, it’s not at all fluffy enough to be a proper filling for ring dings.

Then came the topping. Everyone knows ring dings are covered in chocolate! Obviously had to do that, but because this cake is so crumbly, spreading anything on it breaks it. I struggled to just get the chocolate on the top without ripping them in half, so I skipped trying to cover the whole thing.

I mean, they tasted good… but they weren’t really ‘ring dings’. I might give it another shot using a denser cake and a marshmallow frosting, but I was so over it by the time these were done that I won’t be trying again for a long while.