Stuck in a Rut

So kind of a side note/ back story… I have another blog, it’s a beauty blog (feel free to check it out!) and yesterday I got super depressed because I was stuck in a massive rut. I do nails… swatches and nail art and stuff like that, and because I run 4 blogs I try to prewrite most of the stuff for this blog and that blog, but for the last two days I have redone my nails FOUR times. Yep, four. Four nail fails in two days. I finally had a glitter of inspiration, used a crap ton of sequins then ended up taking it all off because the boyfriend said it was “sloppy by your usual standards”. Well, that was depressing… he was right, but it was still sad.

I try to post on that blog three times a week, and now I have nothing for next week. I didn’t even post on here yesterday because I was so depressed! SIGH! Maybe I need new nail polish? That always cheers me up. I used to have a co author on that other blog, but she just bailed on me. With no notice of course, just started posting once a month then stopped all together. Cool, thanks. Not that it matters, I was doing most of the work and actually writing legitimate posts, not just press releases. Whatevs.

If you run a blog, you’re more than familiar with burn out and just being uninspired. That’s how I’m feeling this week. I haven’t even cooked anything for over a week (but I was on Pinterest looking at Christmas cookies last night and I’m so ready to make a bajillion cookies, get ready).

Maybe I need some retail therapy, I sense a trip to the drug store!

How do you guys get out of a rut? I seriously need some inspiration ASAP!