Foodie Friday: Borgata Street Eats 2013!

So last Saturday was a very exciting one for me… I went to Borgata in Atlantic City for Street Eats! Basically it’s a less crowded Food and Wine festival, but the food vendors are only Borgata restaurants. There are a lot less vendors but you get a LOT more food.




On the perimeter of the room you had food trucks representing all the restaurants. Most the chefs were actually there making food, giving out food and talking to everyone. It was cool.



It was set up more like a street fair, so they had jugglers, caricatures, a tarot card reader, a graffiti wall where you could spray paint with edible paint, and a other stuff like that. They also had cotton candy, popcorn and Ben and Jerry’s outside the room with more seating. AND! On top of that, before you go into the room, they give you a little chip and you get to vote for your favorite dish.



When we got in there, we jumped right into the wine and food, which in the long run was not the best idea. You really have to pace yourself at these things.



Michael Symon was a special guest, he doesn’t have a restaurant at Borgata, but he got a food truck and his pulled pork sliders were AMAZING.


There was a cute dessert table, which was well needed after all the food. All the desserts were mini and on a stick. There was also a coffee station right next to it, where you could not only get coffee, but espresso as well! Needed that after all the eating we did. We ended up choosing the desserts as our favorite.


Look, its Bobby Flay!




More food! The waffle fried chicken was freaking awesome! That was actually the last thing I ate, and I wish I had another chip so I could vote for it.


They also had a few wine tables and one beer table right in middle. I actually liked some of the white wine that I had, which is amazing because I am not a wine person at all. The beer was a highlight though, the Winter Ale was really good. Honorable mention goes to the Victory Winter Ale.

We learned a very valuable lesson at Street Eats… PACE YOURSELF! When you have three hours to eat it makes absolutely no sense to stuff your face in 15 minutes. Definitely going to change up the plan next time and not eat everything right away, and also hold off on the alcohol.

Any of you frequent food festivals? What are your strategies?