“Be Home By Midnight”. Uhm, I’m 23…

So on Saturday, I was at Borgata Street Eats (post on that will be up on Friday) and the boyfriend and I were planning on my staying at his house that night. What’s the issue, you ask? Well… its my parents.

If you didn’t know, I’m 23. I should be able to stay over my boyfriend’s house if I want to. Mind you, when my dad was in his 20s he moved to BALITMORE from New York and my 17 year old mother went to visit him alone and stayed there. So any argument they have against it is just invalid.

I told my mom that I had some wine and might just crash on his couch, her response? “Have him take you home, you can pick up your car tomorrow”. No, that’s stupid. After some prodding, I got her to agree to my staying on his couch (which I really wouldn’t be), but she wanted me to be home before my dad wakes at 6am. Again, no thank you. How stupid is that? If I’m going to sleep, I should actually sleep.

His parents are cool with my staying over, I have before (without my parents knowing), but I’m tired of lying. The one time I tell them the truth about it it completely backfires on me. We were both really disappointed in the way my mom reacted. I don’t think she even posed the thought to my dad, hence why she wanted me home before he wakes up.

I think part of the problem is that I never cut the cord. I didn’t go away for college, I lived at home. I’m basically a permanent babysitter to my 10 year old sister, and they depend on me for a lot of stuff. I don’t even think my dad knows how old I actually am, he probably thinks I’m still 16. I don’t even tell him when I leave the house anymore, he always asks why I’m going out. Now where or when Ill be home, but why.

I need to be stricter with them, I think. Tell them what’s up and that there is no wiggle room. I thought that was clear when I got my tattoo without them knowing, but I guess not. I need to start introducing the idea that I’m really an adult and that I won’t be here for them forever, I have to leave eventually. The cord must be cut! And it must be cut soon.