Leading Ladies… We Hate You.

The boyfriend and I have been watching Arrow lately, we watched the whole first season online and just got caught up… and let me tell you… I pretty much hate every female character on that show.

Why do all of the women on that show have to be naïve and nosey? Literally ALL of them. I’m almost offended constantly watching them pry into other people’s business and almost get killed. If they actually killed off the main female character I’m sure no one would complain. She’s just way too nosey and stupid. Seriously. If your boyfriend cheated on you with your sister then got her killed, would you take him back after dating his best friend? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t.

She is literally the worst character on that show, by far. I feel the need to berate her every time she’s on the screen and we have come to the consensus that they should stop saving her. Maybe I’ll write into the station and give them an idea for the third season.