Happy (Almost) Halloween!

Happy Almost Halloween everyone! I’m pretty excited for tomorrow since I haven’t been able to properly Halloween it up in two years! Why, you ask? Well, two years ago I was still in college and my nasty Media Buying and Planning professor refused to let us out early, so we were stuck in class until 9pm. No one even understood why she wanted to stay so late, she has kids! They probably disliked that woman as much as we did.

Then last year… Superstorm Sandy hit us in the East Coast and Halloween was cancelled and then postponed. It was postponed to the next Monday (stupid), but by then my family and I were on a cruise.

So this is my first Halloween in two years and I’m excited! Got my costume from last year all ready. My sister, cousins and I planned to go as characters from Adventure Time, and since it didn’t happen we’re going to carry it over tomorrow! I’m going as Jake the Dog haha.

Have a happy Halloween!