False Advertising

Let’s talk about cosmetic commercials for a second… you know, the ones where the models obviously are not wearing what’s being advertised. The worst offenders? Mascaras! We know that model is wearing at least one pair of false lashes. Obviously. Skin care commercials aren’t any better, we know you’re actually 30 pretending to be 50.

Even AARP and Osteobiflex! We know that lady jumping on the trampoline isn’t over 65. You can’t fool us.

But honestly, do they really expect us to believe that these movies stars use their products? I doubt they can even do their own makeup!

As an advertising major in college, I know for a fact that most ads are lies, and even if they aren’t lies, they twist their negatives into positives to make it sound like the best products in the world.

That’s the sad truth people! So heed my warning, or else you might end up with something that turns your hair dryer into a tornado in a cup that will rip all of your hair out.