Foodie Friday: Gnocchi with Garlic Butter Sauce!

Ever since we got back from our vacation, I’ve been dying to make my own pasta… sadly I can’t find a pasta machine anywhere and ordering it online just seems like a hassle, especially since we try to avoid carbs. Regardless, a few weeks ago my dad was inspired to make gnocchi, he used sweet potatoes and made up his own recipe, needless to say… they probably weren’t that great (I wasn’t home to try them). I don’t remember what possessed me to want to make gnocchi, but something did!

Any of you remember Fabio Viviani from Top Chef? He was my absolute favorite! And I remember they always loved his gnocchi, so I naturally looked for his recipe.


Let me tell you guys that this is super easy. I watched some videos on how to make gnocchi, looked at a bunch of tutorials, and they all want you to mix everything by hand and yadda yadda. This recipe is made completely in the stand-up mixer, just like making bread dough; just dump everything in the mixer and let it go until it forms a dough.

There are no wet ingredients here, not even an egg, so when the dough is mixing it may look a little dry for a while but don’t worry! The potatoes will release enough moisture that it will come together, I promise. I was worried for a second when I was watching it mix, but you need to give it at least 2 minutes to start coming together.

After the dough was formed, I transferred it to a floured surface. Then I cut off one piece at a time, rolled it and cut it into little squares, and finally rolled the squares on the back of a fork to get the cute gnocchi shape. You can cook them right away, just boil them in salted water for a minute or two, they’ll be ready when they float to the top.


I wanted to make a white wine sauce, buttttt we had no white wine, so I made a garlic butter sauce. I used about a stick of butter and three small cloves of garlic. Once that was all nice and bubbly over medium high heat, I added the cooked gnocchi and some parmigiano reggiano. Once that was all combined, I added a few slices of tomato for color and acid. Make sure to taste your gnocchi for salt!

After I plated I added some chopped basil, a little bit more grated parm and it was time to eat! These are perfectly pillowy and melt in your mouth, just like the ones I had in Rome. They were even approved by my very Italian boyfriend… now that’s saying something!