Foodie Friday: Honey Whiskey Cupcakes!

The boyfriend actually found this recipe, he saw a picture of the cupcakes on Facebook and they were so pretty that we had to make them!



The recipe is from this website, and it is AMAZING! The boyfriend loves whiskey, especially Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey, so this recipe is perfect. You use the whiskey in every part of the cupcake: the batter, the frosting and the drizzle.

The batter is pretty dense, much denser than some other cake batters I have made, but that makes it perfect for cupcakes. It is easy to scoop (I use an ice cream scoop) and it doesn’t swish around when you move the pan. And let me tell you.. the cake itself is freaking delicious. You get hints of the honey whiskey, just the flavor, not the alcohol taste. I’ve had issues in the past finding a good vanilla cake, and now that I have this I think my search is over. You can easily remove the alcohol or switch it out for a fruity liqueur.

The frosting is a butter cream. I usually don’t like butter creams, but this one is really good. I do think that this particular recipe calls for wayyyy too much sugar, it was too sweet for my taste. It balances slightly with the cupcake but if I make it again I’m going to reduce the sugar and increase the heavy cream.

This recipe makes exactly 12 normal sized cupcakes, but you make enough frosting for double that. So I ended up making another batch of the batter and making a cake. You also make a lot of extra drizzle with this recipe.

I highly suggest this recipe! Everyone who tried these raved about them.