There’s one thing I really hate, and that’s fakeness. I cannot stand fake people.

I’m a pretty real person, if I don’t like you I won’t pretend that I do (unless I have to), and usually I’ll just pretend that you don’t exist. I thoroughly dislike when people say one thing to you and then when they think you aren’t listening say something else. I don’t care if you talk behind my back. That’s cool, that’s fine. Have that respect though. If you don’t want me to hear it, don’t say it when I’m around.

I was out for dinner with family friends last weekend and something was said at the table…now the person who said had some wine and obviously thought I couldn’t hear them, but still. Whatever they said was not supposed to be heard by me, but it was, and it thoroughly pissed me off because it contradicted something that was said earlier.

This person does get a little loose when alcohol is involved and doesn’t always think before he/she speaks, so I tried to let it go, but it just bothered me to no end. It’s really about the respect thing, respect me enough to say it behind my back, not right in front of my face and 6 other people. That’s not cool and will never be cool, and I’ll never be okay with it.

And at that point I cannot pretend that I’m okay with you.

But I let it go… I dwelled on it for a few days, but ultimately it was more productive for me to just let it go and move on.