Uhm… That’s Not Mine.

Sooooo I bought stuff from Forever 21 online. Love shopping online, it’s so much more convenient that schlepping to the store. Anyway, I got my order last week, and lo and behold… they sent me the wrong sweatshirt. How does that happen?

So I called customer service and he was just as confused as I was. Told me to send back the wrong sweatshirt… pay for shipping myself and they’ll reimburse me, and they’ll send me the right sweatshirt if it’s in stock.

So now I have to buy an envelope and pay for shipping because they sent me the wrong item? What they should do it send me my item and include a return label so I can send back the wrong item, or send me a prepaid return envelope/box. I think that makes a lot more sense.

Such a hassle to send this ONE thing back now…