Foodie Friday: My European Foodcation!

As promised, a post about all the awesome things I ate while I was away!  (Warning: Photo heavy!)


Before our  cruise, we stayed in Rome and for lunch we wen to this awesome place called Il Brillo Parlante. I had the gnocchi… guys… if you ever go to Rome, get yourselves there and order the gnocchi. I refuse to eat gnocchi anywhere else now.


Our first stop on the cruise was Sicily. We went on a tour which took us to two places, the first was Mt. Etna, an active volcano. The first thing we did was stop for refreshments and they gave us these amazing cannolis. I don’t even like cannolis, the cream is usually too much ricotta, but this was perfect and even sprinkled with crushed pistachios!


Second stop in Sicily was a super cute little town called Taormina, we had about two hours, so of course we had to eat! This place was called Il Ciclope… The Cyclops. The pizza was good, but the most interesting thing was the antipasto… we were expecting meats and cheeses but you actually get lots of roasted vegetables and only a little meat and cheese.


For the formal cruise night, we decided to skip the dining room and went to the Italian specialty restaurant called Portofino. We loved Giovanni’s Table on the Oasis of the Seas, and wanted to check out Portofino (I heard that they might be converting it to Giovanni’s Table soon… get the mushroom risotto!!). Above you see what they bring out with the 5 different types of bread you get tapenade, roasted red pepper spread and roasted cloves are garlic. Delicious!


This is a seafood risotto, it was okay, the texture was a bit off.


This is a selection of crostini, from left to right: mozzarella with anchovies, smoked duck with mushroom truffle mushroom paté, bruschetta, marinated tuna. The duck was ridiculously awesome.


Beef carpaccio! This was my first time having carpaccio and it was really good.


They stopped everything for me to take pictures lol our waiter actually told me to bring my camera when we came by to make reservations.We have some pasta, steaks, osso bucco and veal saltimbocca.


We got this as a side dish, fresh pasta that they make on boars with a cream sauce and mushrooms. It was awesome, reminded me of my favorite mushroom risotto from Giovanni’s Table.


This is what I ordered, it’s thin veal wrapped in proscuitto, with a mushroom risotto. The veal was a little salty, so I wasn’t crazy about it but the risotto was awesome.



My parent’s were celebrating their anniversary (very late) and so they brought out a special cheesecake for them and sang lol Oh! Also, before dessert they bring out chocolate covered cookies and strawberries, like a dessert starter, which I forgot to take a picture of…sorry!


Super chocolatey dome deliciousness!


I wasn’t expecting this to be that great, but it was fantastic. It had an almost carrot cake/spice taste. Really good.


My dessert! Tiramisu with raspberries at the bottom… in a chocolate cup! The whole thing is edible and delicious. It also came with a shot, I think it had Kaluha and Cognac, but I’m not positive. The waiter asked me if I was underage before he gave it to me  -_-  lol

We liked Portofino so much that we ended up going there twice! I got a different appetizer (proscuitto in insalata) which was great, the steak and then the chocolate tartufo. Definitely recommend Portofino if you’re cruising with Royal Caribbean. At $20 a person it’s really affordable.

After our cruise we went to London for two days, and our last night I had THE BEST pork belly with cabbage and apples, but regrettably, I didn’t have my camera so I didn’t get a picture. But I assure you… it was too amazing to handle.