As you guys already may know, I was just on a cruise, got back last week. My family and I love cruises, we’ve been going on one every year for the last four or five years now.

We’ve been on cruises that go to various locations, and one thing that I’ve realized is that if you go on a Caribbean cruise… you better have an awesome ship because there’s literally nothing to do on any of the islands. I can’t even count to how many islands I have been to, and honestly you can’t tell one from the other. I don’t even like the beach, so islands don’t really offer me anything. The last Caribbean cruise we went to, we were on the Oasis of the Seas (Royal Caribbean, the only cruise line we sail), and that ship is literally everything. No words. It’s amazing.

On the other hand, when you go to Europe, like we did this time, the ship doesn’t matter too much because more than likely you’ll have tours in ever port of call. We had great tours every place we went, and only spent two days at sea.

Another thing that I’ve learned is no matter how many pairs of sports bras you bring… you’ll probably end up going to the gym once, if that. Cruising isn’t for working out…it’s for eating! (I’ll show you examples on Friday lol). I’ve had some amazing food on cruise ships.

Cruises are just so convenient…everything is done for you, from the food to the tours to anything else you can imagine.

Cruises are my favorite kinds of vacations! Anyone else out there with me?