The only time it’s good to be a quitter

I come back from vacation today! But I wanted to talk about something kind of more serious…smoking.

My boyfriend is was a smoker. He’s only 25 but he’d been smoking for a really long time, and about a month ago he decided it was finally time to quit. I know how difficult it is to break that habit, my grandfather did it in his old(er) age and he quit cold turkey. It makes you irritable and just angry.

The first few days were tough, he didn’t even realize how irritable he was, but once he hit a week everything started to get easier. He didn’t quit just like that, and he didn’t use the patch or the gum, instead he got these e-cigarette/vaporizer things that allow you to gradually lower the nicotine levels. Besides lowering the nicotine, a great thing about them is that you can get different flavors so they taste/smell much better than cigarettes, and they’re much better for you because instead of inhaling smoke, you’re inhaling vapor.

I’m super proud of him. I couldn’t really believe it the day he whipped out the e-cig and told everyone he was quitting, I really thought it would take him years to quit. He took the initiative and I’m really proud of him for sticking with it even though it was difficult.

Now we just have to work on getting his dad and brother to quit…