Bon Voyage!

I’ve never been sad to go away on vacation, this is a first for me. This Friday my family and I are flying out to take a cruise from Rome! I absolutely love cruises, my family and I have been going on one cruise every year for the past four years or so. This year, it’s a European cruise! Italy, Greece, Turkey… awesome.

Any time I’ve went abroad or on a cruise I just turned off my phone no problem, it’s usually a good break from texting, but this time… any time I thought of not being able to text I got a massive pit in my stomach.

Why? #havingaboyfriendyouactuallylikeproblems

After talking to someone for almost a year, basically every day… it’s really difficult to just stop cold turkey. I can’t do it. I’ve never really missed anyone before, and it’s a little strange. I miss him just thinking about being away, and we both feel really lame about it. Neither of us are over emotional and we’re not at all mushy, but 10 days with no contact is just too much for us.

The solution to this? Global data! Thank you Verizon! For $25 you get 100 MB of data, which I’ll be using on Facebook messenger!

I know it’ll be awesome, I’m excited and we’re going to some amazing places, but missing someone this much just kind of sucks haha

Anyone else ever felt this way?