The Ultimate Time Waster

Two words…  Candy Crush. If you don’t play it, you are a lucky soul. It sucks you in… I caught the Candy Crush bug a while ago, and it’s really effective at helping me procrastinate (not that I need too much help).

It’s probably the most frustrating/ rewarding game I have every played. I’ve been stuck on levels for weeks… sometimes close to/ a little over a month. Those are the frustrating times, so frustrating that sometimes I just want to quit and never play again! But it always sucks me back in and when I finally beat that nasty level, I just feel so accomplished! YES! Like such a winner!

At the moment I’m stuck on a level… the worst part… people are beating me! I can’t handle when people get so far ahead and I’m still stuck! Why can’t I beat it?! What’s the secret? I need it! Once, I did go so far as to watch videos on how to beat a level, but that was really pointless because the levels will never be exactly the same for anyone. I knew it was pointless, but I was desperate!

Worst than not being able to beat a level is running out of lives. You used to be able to watch ads to get lives but for some reason you can’t do that anymore and it drives me crazy! I have Candy Crush on my phone too, and it’s connected to Facebook so it knows what level I’m on… luckily, it does not sync your lives, so you really get 10 lives per level if you have it on Facebook and your phone. I go through lives like I go through gummy bears so 10 isn’t nearly enough when I’m stuck.

Sigh… Candy Crush…. It’s really a love/hate relationship. Anyone else out there stuck on Candy Crush? (pun?… candy… stuck… yeahh)