Foodie Friday: Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival!

At the end of June, the boyfriend and I went to the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival! Warning: this post is picture heavy!

FWF10We went to the Saturday afternoon Grand Market, which was in Bally’s! It took up three ballrooms.

FWF1Before you even walk in, they give you a wine glass that you get to take home!

FWF2When you finally do walk in, the first thing you see is a live demonstration. You can sit and watch these throughout the day. We decided to skip it and head straight for the market.

FWF3This chef was making pasta with pesto and pine nuts that we got to try.

FWF4It should be called the ‘More Wine than Food’ Festival lol



FWF8There was lots of hard liquor too!

FWF7Aged cheeses!

FWF9All these glasses are hand painted! I totally didn’t believe it at first.

It was pretty awesome. We did two walk throughs… the first we tasted a bunch of food and wine and liquors and the second was for pictures. There were awesome rum cakes, mini cupcakes, coffee, dumplings, pulled pork, hot sauces, smoothies, Rita’s ices, chicken, crab cakes, oysters… but the best thing by far was lobster bisque. Seriously, wow. I don’t even like seafood but it was so amazing, it’s from a restaurant in Tropicana called Fin (if you can get there and have some, you definitely should).

There was a ton of wine, pretty sure there was more wine than food lol there was just enough food to keep you tipsy instead of full out drunk haha. There were also a bunch of knife stations where you could test out different knives. I had to try one, cut a tomato like it was nothing! Really awesome stuff.

You could buy from some stations… we stumbled upon Hank Sauce (hot sauces) and the boyfriend couldn’t help himself.

hanksauceHe bought these two hot sauces. Usually hot sauces are just hot, no flavor, but these are totally packed with flavor! Very different from any other hot sauce that I’ve tried. The Cilantktro is amazing, it has that cilantro, almost lemony flavor… definitely a must try.

But the festivities didn’t end there! If you kept your ticket stub you also has access to…


The Cupcake Wines food truck! We didn’t actually go, but you could taste the wines and corresponding cupcakes. We had some of the cupcakes in the Grand Market and they were really good.

So that was my AC Food and Wine Festival adventure! I really enjoyed it, and would certainly go back. Anyone else attend? What other food festivals have you guys been to?