Video Game Problems

I don’t even play video games! So what’s the problem, you ask? Well, have you ever played such a great video game that all other video games just seem sub par? A video game that trumps all other video games?! I have… technically I just watched the game play, but still.  It’s called Bioshock Infinite and it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

It’s the third in the Bioshock series of games, and it is awesome. Amazing graphics and storyline. It even makes the first game in the series just seem meh. It really makes every other game ever created seem meh.

We tried to play Dishonored, which we both wanted to play, and within 20 minutes we realized that we really should’ve played it before we even looked at Bioshock Infinite. The animation is really weird…everyone’s hands are way too massive in proportion to their bodies and all the faces are really creepy haha. The setting is really dark and it’s less about the offense and more about sneaking around. The boyfriend doesn’t do well with sneaking, he prefers to just jump out fight everyone lol.

Anyway, now that we finished Bioshock Infinite and can’t play anything else we feel…empty. Luckily, there is going to an add-on that we cannot wait for! If you haven’t played, I highly suggest you do. If you haven’t played any of the Bioshocks, you should really start with the first one… learn from our mistakes.