Foodie Friday: Sandwich Bread!

Who doesn’t love bread? I’m pretty sure everyone likes bread, and there’s nothing better than fresh bread right out of the oven. I used to make bread all the time, then we went low carb in my house and no one has been as happy ever since! I’m kidding… kind of. Anyway, about a week ago my boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to make sandwiches (so crazy right?! I know, we’re two crazy kids) so naturally I had to bake my own bread!


This was my first time making bread in a loaf pan, I usually make round loaves or baguettes on a pizza stone. I know bread can be intimidating, lots of people don’t even want to attempt it, but my dad got me THE BEST artisanal bread book called Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day,  and it makes it so easy. Follow the directions exactly and it’s pretty much fool-proof.

The dough for this is ‘the master recipe’, which is a classic boule dough. It’s a very versatile dough because you also use it for baguettes, ciabatta and much more. I do want to note that the dough can be a little temperamental depending on the weather. The day I made this dough it was a little wet outside so the dough ended up stickier than it was supposed to be and after it rose I ended up having to knead a bunch of flour into it, which resulted in the bread being a little denser than usual. Once you get used to what the dough is supposed to look and feel like, you’ll be able to know if you need extra water of flour.

If you are looking for some really great and easy bread recipes, definitely try this book out. It has tons of sweet and savory breads plus recipes to go along with or using your bread. It’s probably my favorite and most used cook book.