Tracking Packages

The best part about ordering stuff online is getting packages delivered to your house. I love getting packages, it’s just really exciting lol. I also love tracking packages… so much… it almost gets to the point of me stalking the tracking information.

The worst part about waiting for a package is that last day. “Out for delivery” at 6am but it’s not supposed to be delivered until the end of the day. I don’t even know why it takes so long! It starts out about 20 minutes away from my house and takes 12 hours to actually get here, I could very easily go pick it up. I think they do it on purpose. UPS just hates me.

Time just goes so slowly, especially when I check the clock every 10 minutes and try to avoid checking my tracking info because I know it hasn’t changed. It’s even worse when you have nothing to do to occupy the time. And every truck that drives by makes me crazy because I think every single one is UPS.

Luckily this all occurred on a Friday, and I was going to my boyfriend’s that night, which would give me a break from stalking the tracking information… but of course, as usual, an hour after I left the package came. I didn’t get to actually open it until midnight, but at least I got it.

P.S. really…why does UPS take so long? FedEx packages get here way earlier.