Forever21 Haul!

I finally went to Forever 21!

photo 1-31
I had a whole bunch of stuff on my wishlist online, of course when I went to the store they didn’t have most of it (as per usual). I did find one shirt that just looked weird in person. The main thing I was looking for was the those floral shorts, and I found them! Yes! Bad news though… they were the only pair in the store and even though they’re my supposed size, they’re too big and now they have to go back. Super womp, but I’m returning them to a different Forever 21 so maybe I’ll find some other stuff from my wishlist. Fingers crossed.

photo 2-30

I was also looking for a diamond tank, which they didn’t have, instead I found this diamond necklace! And I grabbed these square rings, even though two ended up being too big. I have really skinny fingers haha.

My new favorite thing is the Chewbacca muscle tee. My boyfriend is a huge Star Wars fan, so he really likes it too.