Our Movie Theater Fail

Despicable Me 2 recently came out, and we’ve been meaning to take my sister to see it. We finally got around to it this past Sunday, she had a play date and we wanted to take both of them. First of all, I was so out of it that day that I fell asleep twice, once right before we had to leave. I drove in a half daze… probably not the safest thing haha I figured it was low blood sugar or something.

So we get to the movie theater, go to buy tickets and what do you know… the 3D showing that we wanted was sold out. The next one still had seats but it was in 2.5 hours. So we checked the 2D showing and the next TWO were sold out. Fail.

Our theater recently got remodeled with those giant recliner seats, which are awesome, but there are way less seats in each theater now. You have to get there like 20 minutes earlier so you can get the seats you want, which is what we do. But this time it just did not work out for us.

So what did we end up doing? Well, I walked through a Forever 21 with two ten year olds and my mom got her eyebrows threaded.  I tried to offer them ice cream or candy, but they were so over it that nothing helped. Once we got home, I set them up with a movie and popcorn and broke out the ice cream for myself.

Ice cream party for one at the kitchen table! Yeah! Awesome Sunday fail.