Foodie Friday: Pizza with Pizzeria Dough!

My boyfriend and I have decided that we need to stop going out to eat. Not only is it unhealthy, it’s pretty expensive. So around last week he bought an awesome video game (Bioshock Infinite), and we decided to make pizza for the occasion!


The dough is from a local pizzeria that we like, I would usually make my own dough but I was out of yeast that day… whoops. You can use store bought dough or make your own (I’ll do another post with home made dough) or call your local pizza place to see if they’ll sell you some dough. Most will, ours charged us $5.

We made the sauce ourselves, I usually use jarred sauce, but in an Italian household that wouldn’t fly haha so I made it.

What I used:

  • 1 jar of pureed tomatoes (that was an accident lol crushed tomatoes are better)
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • oil
  • salt
  • pepper

First you have to get some oil really hot, then add your garlic and cook just until its browned. Heat your tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. When the garlic is nice and golden brown, add your sauce to the garlic (important) and stir to make sure all the oil is combined. That’s it! Just taste for seasoning and it’s ready to go on your pizza.

Once your dough is prepared, spoon on some sauce, add your cheese and any toppings. We added sausage and mushrooms, then baked at around 450 degrees for about 15 minutes. Once it was out of the oven, we added basil and ate it!

What’s better than pizza and video games? Not much.