Jersey Misconceptions

I’ll admit it right now… I live in New Jersey. There! I said it. The best part about telling people that I’m from Jersey is the reaction, especially down in the southern states.

Everyone has, sadly, seen Jersey Shore, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people actually think we’re like that. Firstly, most of them aren’t even from Jersey, I’m pretty sure only two of them are. Regardless… before I was skeptical to tell people that I was actually from Jersey, but now it’s pretty hilarious. A few years ago in Florida, my friends and I were in some store, someone asked where we were from, so we told him and he just said “Oh”.  Now people tend to joke around more, saying we “totally look” like we’re from Jersey. Mind you, I’m as pale as they come… I’d have to roll around in Cheetos to be ‘Jersey Shore’ tan.

My mom still likes to tell people that we’re from New York… I just look at her funny. Maybe she thinks no one knows what New Jersey is? Who knows.

Jersey grows on you, and as you get older and it grows on you, you start to appreciate it. So yeah, I’m from Jersey! And I’m proud of it!


p.s. The first 9 years of my life I did live in New York… haha