Foodie Friday: Cupcakepalooza!

My cousin needed to make three batches of cupcakes for her friends… why? Because she is too generous! I couldn’t let her do it alone, so I schlepped over my stand up mixer and we combined our efforts.




The green tea lemon and dark chocolate mascarpone recipes are from Betty Crocker Big Book of Cupcakes and the strawberry milkshake recipe is from the Big Book of Cupcakes by Southern Living.

We had a few frosting melting mishaps, but besides that these are relatively easy recipes, the strawberry milkshake is the most labor intensive because you have to make strawberry puree.

If you’re going to make any of these, I’d pick the dark chocolate mascarpone just because the frosting is amazing! Seriously the best frosting I have ever made and had in my life! We were literally eating it with a spoon…