Murphy’s Law

 What goes up, must come down. Do you believe in this Murphy’s law business? I’m not sure if I do. I mean, of course, I’ve had bad days… but I don’t think they were preceded by great days.  My boyfriend is not just having one of those days… it’s one of those weeks.

Everything was great, super; Sunday we went to the boardwalk, ate fried Oreos (definitely going back for those and for a boardwalk food post), and won a bunch of toys. Then Monday came along, and it began. It all started with work… busy and aggravating, and it only got worse from there. The culmination of that day was his car dying on the side of the road.

 So, Tuesday comes around and he still has no car, and is still aggravated. I picked him up from work after another annoying day, but the rest of the day wasn’t too bad. The cheesecake I made might have helped lol. We hoped that the worst of it had passed and Wednesday would be better… that didn’t happen.

 Another really busy day at work had him on edge, and his father dealing with the car issues put him over the edge. Drama, drama, drama. He was just angry all day, and he had a loooong day with work and class afterwards. And a perfect end to his third (and hopefully last) bad day… a thunderstorm… as I’m writing this.

 So was it Murphy’s law? Did he have too many good days and needed three bad days to even it out? Who knows, but hopefully he won’t have any more for a while.


p.s. That was basically the end of it, the rest of the week was okay then he got the car on Saturday… now he’s a happy camper again.