My Bonnaroo Experience!

Most of you may not know that I was at Bonnaroo this year! Well, I was and I thought I’d relay my experience with all of you.

Lets start at the beginning… really, a little before the beginning. Last year my best friend’s boyfriend went to Bonnaroo and told her how awesome it was, and that got us thinking that we would totally want to go.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year, the Bonnaroo talk begins and they buy their tickets. I wait about another month to buy my ticket, that was around March. It seemed so far away at that point so I kind of put it in the back of my mind. Once it hit April/ May, I started to have serious second thoughts. First and foremost, camping isn’t my thing! Why did I sign up for this?! Then people start talking about no cell service and locking up valuables and I started having some anxiety. My boyfriend (then, not boyfriend) basically convinced me into not selling my ticket because this was a life experience I shouldn’t miss. I totally agreed, but the anxiety kept me up at night.

But I sucked it up and completely prepared myself (with his help). The night before we actually left I was a ball of nerves, but once we got on the road, I started feeling pretty good! We drove all the way down to Manchester, made an overnight stop in Knoxville. There were three cars in our party, our drive was great, but I can’t say the same thing for one of the cars. We started calling the trip a “Series of Unfortunate Events”. Why? Listen to this… first they ended up leaving an hour after us, so we thought we’d wait up for them in PA, that is until we saw that the meters are a quarter per 10 minutes! So we went on our way, ahead of them. We finally hit VA and figured we’d ask them where they were. The response we got….”we just put 5 gallons of diesel in the car lol”. Wait, what?! How did that happen?! They don’t even know, but it set them back 6 hours. They not only had to get the car towed 17 miles in the wrong direction, but they had to wait until forever for someone to fix the car. They got back on the road at 10:30pm and only drove one hour  -____-  (Mind you, the third car left at 12pm and got to Knoxville at 1am, and only one guy drove the entire time).

We told them to leave as early as possible so they could catch up to us in the morning before we got to actual Bonnaroo because we all wanted to be in the same pod, camped out together.  Well, that didn’t happen. After everything, they got stuck in a different pod and we had to schlep all their stuff (way too much of it) to our camp.  Then everything was great…. until the next morning.

Friday morning, one of the guys from that car feels like crap, thinks he’s getting the flu. After a trip to the medical tent and a three hour walk, he decides that he’s going to bail and leave Bonnaroo. Let’s do some math… he spent $300 on a ticket, then supply and travel costs to get to Bonnaroo, then probably spends double that to leave. He’s probably around a grand in the hole. Way to go, bro.

After all that drama, we ended up having a pretty great time! My Bonnaroo highlights: Paul McCartney, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, making a drum for my boyfriend and Amish Donuts!

Paul McCartney was the best show I have ever seen in my life, he’s not only a great musician but a great entertainer and he had the crowd laughing and crying. It was truly incredible and worth everything. Macklemore was also great, he could’ve rivaled Paul if his time slot wasn’t in the middle of the afternoon.

From this post it seems like there was a lot more drama than good times, but that’s just because the good times went way smoother and there’s not much to explain about them lol Some people were underwhelmed, some people wanted to go back. I definitely think Bonnaroo exceeded my expectations. Would I go back next year? Definitely depends on the lineup. I didn’t really pay much attention to it this year, but I will next year.

(Seriously though, if you go to Bonnaroo… get an Amish donut! I don’t usually like donuts… but man, this was one of the best dessert items I have ever tasted)