Talking Smack!

So, I told you guys about that party where I was sneakily almost set up with some random guy, well now the woman (my dad’s cousin, no less) who set me up is trying to make me seem like a complete ass. Legitimately. I came home the other day and was sitting on the couch with my mom and she randomly wanted to ask me something.

“Can I ask you something? But don’t get mad”. That’s really never a good sign. She proceeded to tell me that she talked to my dad’s cousin and she said that when I met the guy he held out his hand for me to shake, but instead I turned to walk away and said “I don’t want to meet you”. Wait… what? First of all, who say that to a person right in front of him? Uhm, no one. Second, I’m not a total jerkface! I can be a jerk, sure, but never to someone I don’t know for no reason at all.

So, I told my mom what actually happened, and now she’s pretty pissed. I’m not as mad as I should be, but I think its crap. First and foremost, at the party she tried to claim that she sat all the ‘young people’ together… lie. Now she tries to make me out as the jerk. Okay that’s cool, but my mom is planning to completely call her out in front of a bunch of people, mainly me.

Moral of the story? Don’t Mess!