Foodie Friday: My New York Foodventure!

I was in New York the first weekend of June and I made it a point to document the best food I had. The main thing about NYC… mainstream joints are NOT the way to go.

First up…

photo 1-7


Stumbled upon this awesome food truck while walking somewhere near 5th ave. And yes, I did say food truck… technically drink truck. It was somewhere around 90 degrees so this truck was our saving grace, and let me tell you… these were the best slushies I’ve ever had. They have a few flavors of slushies: Ginger, Cirtus and Iced Tea, but then they have a ton of fruit flavor mix ins. So, you pick a slush flavor (or two) and then pick a mix in and customize your drink. They’ve even won a Vendy Award for Outstanding Street Food: Desserts! I totally suggest finding this truck and trying it out. Nothing better than all natural slushies on a hot day.

Next, dinner that same day… Scandinavian food.






So it’s hard to even begin… I’m thoroughly obsessed with this place! It’s called Smorgas Chef and they have three location in New York, we went to the one in the West Village. It’s fantastic. The first thing we had was that little appetizer (it comes with the meal along with bread and butter), which is a slice of cucumber with a piece of salmon and a dill sauce. I don’t even eat fish, but when in Scandinavia… (it was good, don’t worry)

Then for the main course I had the Swedish meatballs and my boyfriend (yeah, yeah, I know)  had the steak. First and foremost, I’ve been to Scandinavia (Sweden and Denmark) and I’ve had meatballs there, these were super authentic. They were fantastic. The meatballs, potatoes and lingonberries… can’t get better than that. Even the vegetables were really good!

The steak was also really good, the herb walnut sauce is really, really good, totally makes the dish. It comes to your table on this cast iron skillet with mushrooms (delicious) and roasted garlic, over two candles to keep the whole thing warm. It also came with french fries and fried brussel sprouts. I don’t like brussel sprouts, but these changed my mind., they were so good that the french fries were redundant.

Definitely have to go back there, I’m still thinking about the meatballs. I really want to go back to the city and go on a few more food adventures, maybe an ethnic adventure!