The Only Thing I Want to be Set Up with is Cake

One thing I absolutely hate… people trying to set me up with other people. No thanks, I’m good. My grandma’s friends pitch their grandsons to her all the time. Nosey. Did I say I was looking for someone? Did I ask for your help? No, but nosey Russians don’t get that.

So, a few weeks ago I went to a family member’s birthday party; my dad’s cousin’s husband’s (yep) birthday party, to be exact. Typical Russian party in a Russian restaurant in Brooklyn. Okay cool. When we got there we found out there were assigned seats, which really didn’t sit well with some people, but that’s okay, we dealt with it. At least everyone else dealt with it. My dad’s cousin, lets call her T, shows me the seat at the end of the table where I’ll be sitting and then introduces me to some random guy I’ll be sitting next to. I asked her where the rest of my family would be sitting and she points to the middle of the large rectangular table.  Wait just one second. Why am I at the end of the table, alone? Then it hits me, she’s trying to set me up! You better believe that that doesn’t fly with me, so I made her move me. She wasn’t happy about it and kept telling me to give him a chance. No thanks, funny looking Russian guys aren’t my type.

T has multiple offenses already. Every time I see her, she tries to pitch her son’s tutors to me. Nope! First of all, why set me up with a guy who lives a state away? That just makes no sense…

I don’t like everyone knowing my business, but I have to compromise, my relatives will be nosey either way and I really should be used to it.