Facebook Relationship Statuses… It’s Really Not ‘Complicated’

There are a lot of things about Facebook that are just unnecessary… relationship statuses are the most unnecessary of all. Who cares if you’re in a relationship? Let me tell you, no one. Maybe back in high school it was cool to creep on your friends and know that Mark broke up with Brooke and then she went out with Josh… now? Yeah, nobody cares.

My status on Facebook? Married. Am I married? No. I’ve never been one to put an actual relationship status, I don’t think it’s really anyone’s business, but even so, it did cause me some drama. Originally, back in high school (a while ago) a friend of mine and I decided to be married on Facebook so no one could creep on our relationships. Eventually she got a boyfriend who really wanted to be in a relationship with her on Facebook, so she divorced me! First of all, if you need a relationship status to feel secure in the relationship, you have some issues and should go talk to someone. Anyway, after some drama about that, I decided to marry another friend of mine and we have been married ever since….

But worse than “in a relationship with…” is “it’s complicated”. Is it? Really? I don’t believe you. Are you seeing someone? If so, it’s not that complicated. Are you dating, but not? That’s not complicated either. Even if you’re polygamists and each dating 3 people… that isn’t complicated! Granted, that’s all my opinion. If you think your relationship is complicated, go ahead and think so, but if it is, maybe you shouldn’t be in said relationship.

So, I say that relationship statuses should just be removed. People make too big a deal of them, when in reality, no one out of high school cares.